explorations at the intersection of popular music with San Fermin

Love the dirty projectors Bitte Orca?

Love Matt Berninger of the National’s deep introspective vocal style?

Dig compositions that are slightly more complicated and not always pop precise somewhere in the curious fusion of St. Vincent and free form jazzy pop?

cropped-final-bull-no-crownTake the above, add angelic melodies* (DP likes to go atonal on occasion) with some TLC style R&B rhythms at times (see “Sonsick“; easily a top track of 2013) blend in some lush, layered baroque orchestration (see “Bar“), soft melancholic melodies, furious bizarro chamber style experimentation (see “At Night, True Love“) as well and well you have one of the most stunning and totally mesmerizing listens

This is a collection of songs and musical motifs by an immensely talented composer with the help of equally brilliant friends.   Easily one of the years best, most complex, and rewarding records.

Check out San Fermin – San Fermin now!

*the female singers are the ladies of Lucius (http://ilovelucius.com/) who are awesome and recorded one of my favorite songs from last year, “don’t just sit there“.

One thought on “explorations at the intersection of popular music with San Fermin

  1. Bringing this album to my attention was worth the wait between posts.

    Could be off but San Fermin reminds me of Wood Kid in some ways, particularly “Casanova”

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