on the dance floor: Party Supplies’ Tough Love

For some time I’ve been searching to fill the void that LCD Soundsystem’s “retirement” left in my musical heart.  You know that infectious, unbridled nerdy dance music that drives a body to the dance floor?  Well I’ve finally found an antidote for my longing!

party-supplies-beautiful-girlTough Love the debut record by Party Supplies (a fitting name) brings the unfettered, uncomplicated energetic joy James Murphy mastered through his transition from DJ to producer to music maker, fusing early 90s pounding dance rhythms with the 80s synth and New Wave/Pop sensibilities (think also Hot Chip).  Following the pattern of foregrounding the beats while muddying and retreating the vocals on the mix, this record is all kinds of guilty and frivolous pleasures, which is good because we all need a reason to escape and let go.

The opening track “New York 2017”* is the “jam” I’ve been furiously searching for all year/summer that has the dynamic variation and euphoric dance pop relief that has been sorely lacking from the “heavy hitters”.  Sure there are plenty of phenomenal electro-pop bands at work (See Chvrches, their brilliant full length will be the subject of a forthcoming post) but this track has everything to either start or finish a memorable night.  It feels like a late night/early morning rooftop track with a perfectly paced rhythm fit for any mood that inspires movement and chill ambulations.  You don’t need to have killer dance moves to groove to this or any track on this album; all you need to do is understand and appreciate the joy of celebrating the immediacy and fleeting joy of the present.  It’s the energy that passes through “All My Friends” (a watershed/climatic moment in the infusion/infiltration of electro/dance into indie/rock) inspiring youth to burn the night away like firecrackers in the sky.**

Listen and groove to Party Supplies’ Tough Love

* A definite top track of 2013! Other stellar tracks include “Love Song” and “Going Back to New York” both of which take me back to late night sweaty dance clubs on the East and Third Coast when DJs actually DJed and dance music wasn’t so predictable.

**this album may engender smiles and smirks . . . enjoy without recriminations and don’t question.

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