left off the tracks is…

A space devoted to the love of sharing music and, I hope, a frequent destination for folks who love listening to and hearing new music but without the time to scour the airwaves or research new bands.

The albums, songs, and artists discussed and featured here will be predominantly contemporary artist of all musical persuasions who are currently releasing, producing, or touring the country.  But, as I have a passion for the past, and, especially the acoustic heroes (and villains) of yore, there will be some forays into records often dubbed classic as well as others either shunned or relegated to the dustbin of history but which still resonate as vibrantly today as when they first played through your stereo, radio, or walkman.

A brief note on what will be available and what you might want to do.

  • New Music:  I will routinely be posting about new music (albums, songs, podcasts) in various formats from streaming records to playlists generated via YouTube or Spotify.
  • ShowsI am, despite my age, still an avid concertgoer and will try to the best of my knowledge to keep a list of upcoming tours with links to both tour dates across the country as well as ticket purchasing sites for local Chicago venues.
  • Playlists:  In addition, there will be playlists that one might term a “mix” which will vary in nature from tracks I’m currently obsessed with (“COW” for short) to older songs for a trip down memory lane.   Some playlists will be static and others will be dynamic – for the latter, I would suggest subscribing to the Playlist so that any changes will automatically update.
  • Miscellany:  Along the way, I will also share some information regarding labels, stores and books I love as well as miscellany and marginalia about my personal adventures through music.   And, I would love to hear your reflections, thoughts, and comments on these matters, whether on the Blog or via email at leftoffthetracks@gmail.com.

the Author is . . .

A kid who still gets giddy when unwrapping a new album and putting down the stylus on the black vinyl to hear the sounds trapped in its grooves

A listener with no musical expertise or training but a limitless and voracious love of the various forms and genres of  musical expression that abound in our streets, basements, airwaves, places of worship, places of congregation and bouncing through the countless fecund musical minds all around

A collector of records, experiences, moments, and thoughts, he wishes to share for your listening pleasure and consideration.

A lover of artistic expression who believes that art has the ability to transform, entertain, heal, console, inspire, and teach us about the beauty and complexity of this strange and wonderful human condition.

from a treehouse in the Windy City,


“Then she opened up a book of poems And handed it to me
Written by an Italian poet from the thirteenth century
And every one of them words rang true
And glowed like burnin’ coal pourin’ off of every page
Like it was written in my soul from me to you. . .”    – Dylan

One thought on “About

  1. Oye Al, yo pensaba que no podia leer o ver nada de lo que tu haces y fue Gavin que me enseño. Estoy impresionada con lo que he visto y con lo que estas haciendo. Pues te felicito y te deseo lo mejor en esta mision que tanto disfrutas.
    Te quiero mucho y siempre,
    God bless!

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