Obsession of the Week: Alvvays s/t

alvvays-alvvaysNothing feels better than listening to a record that feels like a perfect discourse  between the present and past.  Alvvays’ self-titled release on Polyvinyl is this sort of record that instantly feels like a familiar friend returning to say hi.  Molly Rankin’s vocals spin a sweet and dreamy quality over tracks that recount feelings of heartache, frustration, uncertainty, and confrontation. Sometimes we tell stories to either understand or dispel our thoughts, Alvvays’ song fill like a little of both — relishing in the general satisfaction of shared tragedies (of the daily variety, though no less agonizing at times).  For those looking to get a sonic equivalent, the Toronto quintet evokes the sort of lo-fi quirky pop quality of the short-lived, though much beloved Heavenly or the northwest’s Velocity Girl mixed with the dream-pop composition of Veronica Falls or Dear Nora.

Listen here:  Alvvays – Alvvays

If you live in Chicago, they are playing at Beat Kitchen later tonight. It should be a lovely evening.


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