love by any other name, please… a v-day playlist

from my stereo to your ears...

from my stereo to your ears…

Whether you want to avoid it or not, the accouterments and decorations of St. Valentine’s Day will likely catch or irritate your vision today.  (Unless you live in a monastery or seclusion, please send an invitation.)  Whatever your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings on (or invective against) the holiday (or its lack of substance), we can all recognize that love and heartache are prime musical themes, subjects, and inspiration.

For those who want to ruminate on the idea and concept of love in all its forms (e.g., idealized, inspiring, tragic, all-consuming, emotionally eviscerating… okay you get the picture) here is a playlist for you:  

Fallin’ in and out of… a v-day playlist*.  

I will acknowledge there are dark and angry songs because I firmly believe that the bitter and unpleasant side of love is just as important and sometimes more instructive and illuminating than the in-the-moment bliss (nothing against this concept).  So, yes, this list has some spiteful and venom-tongued lovers along with smitten and star struck lovers and dreamers… but they are all equally lovely to me.

Playback thoughts… feel free to play from beginning to end, there has been some thought on the order of songs but random listening works as well… and always feel free to share!

good vibes of all kinds your way (b/c the world can always use more),


* yes the playlist title is different than the post title.  purposeful not oversight.

the effects of love songs...

the effect of love songs…

One thought on “love by any other name, please… a v-day playlist

  1. I am only just getting around to listening to this playlist; the unfortunate side-effect of no longer having an office. 🙂 Just wanted to say in advance that I love the picture of you in Audubon Park!

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