Angsty Anthems: Cloud Nothings’ “I’m Not Part of Me”

Apparently, Cloud Nothings are restless…. and boy I’m glad they are. Few bands have the slacker lo-fi punkish rock thing down as clearly as Dylan Baldi and his band mates. Cloud Nothings make music built for small clubs, basements, house parties, and warehouses on at the edge adulthood, places where you can let your frustration and aggression go and relish in a group sense of euphoric release.

In 2012, Cloud Nothings’ third record Attack On Memory saw the band shift into a more intricate and, at times, sonically aggressive post-punk sound. Yet, CN didn’t leave behind their ability to record emotionally resonant pop (almost emo) punk riffs (see “Fall In” and the 21st century slacker anthem “Stay Useless”). The album felt like a harbinger of amazing things to come… because well punk/rock music could use a swift kick in the ass.

Well if the newest single from CN’s forthcoming record is any indication, these guys might be ready to take an even bigger and more exciting step.

It could be my nostalgia, but “I’m Not Part of Me” feels like a latter-day update on The Replacements particular brand of Midwestern Garage/Lo-Fi/Punk-ish rock with an added Ric Ocasek-like production quality (minus the bells, whistles, and “yeahs”). Cloud Nothings’ track recalls the euphoric young adult or adolescent aggression and displeasure that pours out of Paul Westerberg’s “Bastards of Young”.  Sure comparing a band to the Replacements sets a pretty high bar but CN keep impressing me with every new turn.  I’m eager to hear more..

If you haven’t already heard, go back and listen to CN’s last LP: Cloud Nothings – Attack On Memory and visit their website ( for updates.  

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