The Year in RearView (Pt. 4): Baila!Baila! A 2013 Dance Party Mix

Happy early New Year from the (still) snow-covered and chilly Midwest! 

Hopefully today finds you pleasantly planning for an evening of festivities to remember and prepare for the year to come.  Whether you plan a low-key evening surrounded by friends and family or setting the night on fire, everyone needs to get out their dancing shoes, right?  Of course they do!  Dance the year down and open 2014 grooving.

Don’t have a dance mix ready?  Luckily I’ve got a couple for whatever suits your fancy…

The best of 2013 in dance, R&B, and groove-centric electronica:

2013 Baila! Baila! – a year-end dance party mix

You’ll notice many repeat contributors on this list because some bands were just better at crafting infectious dance music. Feel free to listen at random but the mix aims to mirror the evening’s ebb and flow, progressing from chill relaxed tunes to chat over as the guests arrive, evolving into a catchy, get-your-booty-on-the-floor dance tunes, and returning to contemplative and sedate grooves at evening’s end. Suggestion: click on the cross-fade at about 4 to 5 seconds between tracks (under Edit/Preferences). Enjoy!

If you want to revisit the best of 2012 in dance go here:

2012 Party Down: Just Dance

If you want more of a trip down memory lane, the following is a mix with great dance and hip hop songs from the past:

Ride the Boogie: The Never-Ending Dance Party

Looking forward to late night dance parties, an endless stream of live music, new adventures in Hi- and Lo-Fi, and countless new bands and great tunes in 2014.

May the dance party be with(in) you!


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