Lose Yourself to Music: Tycho and Blackbird Blackbird

Getting lost in music is one of my favorite things to do.


Whenever I want to step back/away/out from my surroundings and into my own head space, I find the need for sounds to overwhelm and envelop me.  But this can be challenging when much of our contemporary music is driven by lyrics or three minute hooks and loops geared to arrest and capture our attention.  Thus, I am always in search of soundscapes and compositions that serve as templates for flow and disconnection (in the positive sense).  Over the past couple of weeks, these two albums from coincidentally San Francisco based* Tycho and Blackbird Blackbird have been part of the soundtracks to mental excursions.  Built around layers and layers of electronic rhythms that intersperse subdued stretches of tranquility and upbeat percussive strains they supply sufficient parts ambient background and electronic groove for any project that requires one to close out the world.

Happy journeys!  Chill and flow with Tycho’s Dive & Blackbird Blackbird’s Boracay Planet


* I guess folks on the West Coast know how to slow it down.

If you are curious what other records I listen to for zoning out or in, I always have more to offer.


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