Madchester Redux? The 1975’s Sex and Music for Cars

And this is how it starts… again.

After a rather extended absence, what better way to jump back into the fray than an adrenaline inducing track filled with amorous yearning that hits on every pleasure point of a stellar Indie-Pop/Rock song.

From the opening notes, “Sex” will incite even the most callous and world weary “grown-up” to eschew maturity and responsibility for a brief reverie into the joys of youthful pining, the unquenchable desire of the unattainable lover, at least according to the script cause after all “she’s got a boyfriend anyways…” The song progresses at an unrelenting pace like the beat of one’s heart in the throes of infatuation, a slave to the intoxicating power of passion, whether you are currently caught in the maelstrom or in the calm center of the eye, it is a feeling like none other. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the opening line recalls almost verbatim the opening of LCD’s Soundsystem’s “All My Friends” – a generation defining song and narrative. (And, pay attention to the video for some choice background images of great bands and artists we all love. . . or at least I think we do.)

1975 sex epHailing from the hallowed English town of Manchester (home to The Smiths, the Stone Roses, James, The Happy Mondays, aka bands I was obsessed with as an adolescent), The 1975 have an amazing ability to toe the line between a deft pop-rock sensibility (see “Sex” (above) or “Chocolate” from Music for Cars EP) and artful, emotionally packed, and layered orchestral rock pieces (see “You” and “Me” – I appreciate this amusing juxtaposition that can’t help but be intentional). Also, in keeping with the inevitable reemergence of R&B infused pop, “Head.Cars.Bending” evokes the feel of Prince track but remixed by Discovery or an M83/Hot Chip/How to Dress Well mash up. In other words, these guys have an amazing panache for running the gamut of styles and bringing them together in a crowd-pleasing package. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually tap into a broader audience.

So catch them now and listen to

The 1975’s Sex EP (2012)

and Music For Cars EP (2013)

See you on the b-side,


p.s. Thanks to Sweet the Sound who planted the seed about these guys some time back.

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