Never Stuck Around Long Enough For A One Night Stand: A V-Day Playlist

star-crossed-loversAhh, everyone’s favorite non-religious, a-historical, non-politically charged holiday!

Well, I guess if you are an anti-consumerist perhaps Valentine’s Day raises your ire and your Marxist leaning mind.  I find V-Day amusing because I cannot think of a more innocuous “celebration” that inspires such antithetical and ambivalent responses.  I cannot ever recall anyone over the age of say 12 that has uttered the words “Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays/days and/or something I look forward to!”.  This of all days seems to be dreaded more than anticipated and with valid reasons I think.  I often cite Valentine’s Day along with Halloween as “holidays” that confound me.  Why do we set aside one day for what we should otherwise do every day?  And, yes, I am suggesting people should be dressing up in ghoulish and quirky costumes and acting child-like in enthusiasm and excitement on a regular basis. Off topic here…

Well if you disdain or adore or really just have a Bartleby attitude to the whole thing then I’ve compiled a series of songs that is sure to please or tickle everyone.  Irreverent, sincere, tounge-in-cheek, angry, heartfelt, love-lorn and love-affirming, these songs run the gamut as do the emotions and ideas celebrated or ballyhooed on this “holiday.”

So enjoy fallin in and out of… a v-day playlist*

whether you do or don’t acknowledge the holiday, I hope you celebrate today as you would another day, cherishing those people you care for in your life whatever label they might have.

yours truly,


*Note there are songs from a previous permutation of this playlist.  Now sharing with a wider audience.

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