Adrift with the Local Natives’ “You and I”

to places I don’t know.

Every once in a while a song just stops you in your tracks. Right now, it’s the opening cut from the Local Natives’ record, Hummingbird, “You and I“.LocalNatives With a yearning falsetto invoking the vocal styling of Jim James on those early (and astoundingly gorgeous) My Morning Jacket records, the L.A. group has ensnared my ears and thoughts. A lush steady crescendo envelopes you with a wave of quizzical questioning about what has been and what has been lost and the pervading sense of absence and the existential anguish that accompanies the missing. Despite the misery of the song’s narrative, there is a musical euphoria that embraces and celebrates the lover’s suffering. What a fitting track to welcome the oncoming celebration of the (lonely) hearts club.

Also, see if you notice the subtle similarity to this Depeche Mode song.

As for the entirety of Hummingbird, this jury (of one) is still out, but I will say there are some really gorgeous moments within upon first listen. If the opening number intrigues you, perhaps you can listen to Hummingbird and advocate on its behalf. I will say I detect not so subtle undertones of Fleet Foxes with passing evocations of the symphonic-like pieces of Death Cab For Cutie‘s Transatlanticism and little hints of the Aracade Fire’s “Neighborhood #2” on a couple of tracks, which as far as comparisons go means this will likely be a very popular record.

sink into this track as you wind down from the week’s labour,


For more on the Local Natives go here:

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