Found (Dream)Sound: White Blush

Life works in mysterious ways. Yesterday I made a passing reference to ex-Go-Go, Belinda Carlisle, in discussing Tegan and Sara‘s altered yet pleasing aesthetic.  Later in the day I was listening to some new music when the below track started playing….

I smile (sort of like a madman) when I realize the lead singer is intoning, “heaven is a place on earth… with you.” If it wasn’t a variation on the line from the Carlisle song of which I was thinking!

white blushCoincidence? Sure. But when pleasant intersections occur, I pay heed. Of what exactly? I won’t say. However, I will say that folks should take note (and ears) of the soothing and entrancing sounds of White Blush. Working in the land of synth based, electro pop, White Blush offers a decidedly dreamy and groove inducing set of tracks. Start with “True Luv”, containing subtle undertones of a more downtempo Blondie-disco background beat. Then work yourself into the hypnotic undulating rhythms of “Mirror” (see above) containing at parts the vocal breathiness of Nena and Elisabeth Fraser (of the Cocteau Twins) with the sort of densely layered ambience of contemporaries the Chromatics or Grimes. “Jolene” pushes even further into the sonic realm of Morpheus* and closed-eye dancing (you know what I mean) offering another illustration of the L.A. based musicians’ skill with crafting aural texture and environment.

So, if you are ready to take the dive into the crystalline coolness of blue bliss, listen below.

If you like what you hear, go to and purchase the full album!

As always, the references are meant for means of illustration and elucidation not to suggest derivations of.

* for the non-Sandman readers (N.Gaiman not Golden Age), Morpheus (or Dream) is also the Lord of Dreams.


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