SHOWS!!! – Tomorrow Never Knows 2013

Although it is winter in the Windy City, the music never stops. Starting tomorrow, the Tomorrow Never Knows (“TNK”) festival will continue its tradition of bringing great bands and artists on the rise (e.g., Father John Misty (!!!), Jessie Ware, Niki & the Dove, the Orwells, Wild Belle) mixed with some old favorites (e.g., The Walkmen, Lucero, Urge Overkill). In addition, this year there will be a live taping of The Low Times Podcast (with Tom Sharpling) featuring Steve Albini (of Big Black and producer of the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa, Nirvana’s In Utero, Cloud Nothings’ Attack on Memory, and many more) at the Hideout, which should be a really interesting evening/discussion.

For those who have yet to purchase tickets to the shows, the good news is that there are still plenty of chances to see some great new bands in some fabulous and intimate locations like Lincoln Hall, Schubas, and The Hideout; the Vic and the Metro are also in the mix but they are bigger venues although no less exquisite.

For more information on all the bands, dates, locations and to purchase tickets go to:

Unfortunately, some shows are already sold out but this shouldn’t deter you as there are always people who will falter at the last-minute so check on Craigslist or if you are willing you can still buy a five-day pass (but it comes at a hefty $100 price tag) here.

For those who are planning to go or on the fence, I’ve put together a playlist sampler of the bands I am eager to see as well as those who are worth checking out, including The Walkmen, Father John Misty, Niki & the Dove, Lucero, The Orwells, Freelance Whales, Hundred Waters and more.

Click on Tomorrow Never Knows 2013 to hear the music.

Note: I haven’t included all 50+ bands & DJs, just a handful.

Also, check out the TNK playlist via their website here.

I’ll see you at the venues!


2 thoughts on “SHOWS!!! – Tomorrow Never Knows 2013

  1. Man I miss Chicago! I don’t think TNK Fest existed when I lived there. At least I don’t remember it. I used to work at the Fireside Bowl. Anyway, I started the saddest blog in the world… I’m selling all my records and documenting the experience. The latest post is for a super rare Lucero record. I thought you may be interested. No worries if you’re not!

    Have fun at TNK Fest!!!

    • Adore that record, it too holds a special place in my heart along with Tennessee, both albums that were soundtracks to a major transition in my life. Sort of strange and amusing that they resurface in a way when I am in another transition. Good luck with the saving for the house. It is unfortunate that you have to part with records to get there but totally an understandable thing to do. Also, that Karate record you listed is definitely one of my favorite albums and one few people know but should!

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