A Chantey for the Misbegotten Courtesy of Tom Waits & Keith Richards

for those who love sea chanteys and pirate songs

son-of-rogues-gallery-pirate-ballads-sea-songs-chanteysAs far as vocalists go, Tom Waits is a pretty polarizing figure. Those who like him, love him. Everyone else doesn’t understand the appeal. I for one actually sit somewhere in the middle. I own two of his albums: The Early Years, a compilation of early recordings, and Nighthawks at the Diner, a live in-studio performance that I think is a brilliant piece of musical performance art. I for one appreciate his grizzled, rough-hewn and often times a-harmonic vocals because they are part of the persona and character of the songs, or its denizens. Whether you can endure his voice and his often atonal later work, few can argue against the fact that Tom Waits has had a rather fascinating and impressive career and is an excellent storyteller.

All of this is as background to this pleasant little nugget entitled “Shenandoah” performed by Tom Waits and Keith Richards, who by all accounts is probably the luckiest man alive or, rather, lucky to be alive given all he is put his mind and body through. It’s an amusing little sea-faring song from yesteryear when rogues (i.e., pirates) roamed the coasts of the Atlantic and Caribbean. (To be honest, I’m sure they still do but it isn’t quite as romantic or cinematic any more. Or was it ever really?) For the classic 70s guitar rock loving set, wait for the closing guitar solo, I assume performed by Mr. Richards. The song is part of a compilation entitled Sons of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys, which contains more similarly styled songs with some rather interesting duet combos (e.g. Michael Stipe and Courtney Love). For more information on the record, go here.

To listen to Tom & Keith see below.


Cap’n a.a.

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