Radio Sweden: Shout Out Louds “Walking in Your Footsteps”

SOL OpticaSweden’s sensational purveyors of lush-baroque indie-pop are back with another rich track of blissed out brilliance. From the opening hook replete with flute, this track, “Walking in Your Footsteps” had me in giggles and smiles. The woodwind definitely evokes the carefree and chill feel of 70s rock and jazz fusion, a perfect backdrop for this whimsical ditty.   Check out their new track from the forthcoming album below.  Note the curious narrative voice: a slightly obsessive (bordering stalker-like) (ex?) lover turning obsession into something more palatable: “turning your dust into diamonds”.

A little background…. I feel in love with the Shout Out Louds many moons ago when I heard “The Comeback” in my days of serendipitous listening via Pandora, a practice I’ve since abandoned after having too many Foo Fighters and Modest Mouse songs pop into the queue. (Even at that stage, nearly a decade ago, neither of these bands were unknown enough to warrant inclusion in my stream, but I digress.) While Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, their first release, contained spots of brilliance, it was their fabulous sophomore effort, Our Ill Wills, which completely captivated me. From the gloriously, high energy infectiousness of “Tonight I Have to Leave It” to the somber nihilism of “Impossible”, the Shout Out Louds perfected the art of pleasant and precious pop songs with the aplomb of James Mercer (aka The Shins) and Stephen Merritt (aka Magnetic Fields, the 6ths, etc.), juxtaposing unapologetic blithe and devil-may-care lyrics with tongue-in-cheek witticism and double entendre – all the more impressive given their foreign rearing and pedigree.

For those unfamiliar with this band, I suggest you start by checking out Our Ill Wills (click ←) in anticipation of their forthcoming release, Optica (pre-order via Merge Records here). A word of caution, though, these Swedes might just get you bopping and grooving in your seat, but given the weather outside, generating a little body heat wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world now would it.


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