Undiscovered Country: Phosphorescent: “Song For Zula”

Although I have a more extensive post on the records and rumors I’m excited about in 2013, I needed to share this gorgeous track by Phosphorescent: “Song For Zula”.

What I know about Phosphorescent is that its main (and only?) songwriter Matthew Houck is from Alabama, moved to Athens and formed the “band”, and now lives in Brooklyn. As far as regional “pedigrees” this seems to bode quite well given Athens’ history or propensity for fostering some great bands (e.g., R.E.M., the B-52’s, Indigo Girls and various members of the Elephant Six collective).

All back story aside, “Song For Zula” is just stunning and lush, a sprawling evocation of vast undiscovered plains.  It sounds like a desert cowboy ballad, a fitting start for the new year: a song of searching for new terrains. Part folk, part indie-symphonic, part downtempo Shoegazer, it brings to mind recent favorites like Patrick Watson and Lord Huron and past obsessions like Mojave 3’s Out of Tune, Iron Wine and Calexico’s collaboration In The Reins, Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”, and, even, hints of early 80s U2.

For more info on Phosphorescent go here.

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