Party Down: Music for (Your) End of Year Festivities

In the Midwest, we are less than three hours away from the “ball dropping” festivities that routinely ring in the New Year. With all the hoopla surrounding “end-of-the-world” forecasts from centuries back, it wasn’t entirely clear whether we’d make it to this point. But, to steal a phrase from Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, we’ve come a long way, baby. As the seconds turn into minutes on the impending end of 2012 for the continental and territorial U.S. (because the rest of the world is already full-on into 2013), we’ve got to celebrate the end of 2012 in some way. My personal tradition for the better part of a decade has been to sit silently contemplating the year that has been and expectations of the year to come with a couple of dusty old records that help stir and rouse thoughts of past, present, and future tenses. It’s like spending time with old friends whom you haven’t seen for some time. One recurring visitor to the party is Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan) with his rather extensive discography detailing the literal and figurative comings and goings of the later 20th Century and now the burgeoning 21st. This year it’s Blonde on Blonde, a fitting soundtrack to these latter days of fiscal/governmental gridlock. Sure, Bobby wasn’t thinking about negotiating and “compromising” on tax hikes, entitlement reform, and curtailing government spending but the recurring motif of the record’s opening track, “Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35”, was perhaps never more apropos for both legislators and citizens: everyone must get stoned. (And, I’m not referencing the comical double entendre.) So with that bit of Dylan revisionism, I turn to the real reason for this the last posting of 2012… mixes for your listening pleasure.

Depending on the mood you are in there is music for everyone…

Let’s start with some upbeat, dance mixes:

  • Ride the Boogie: The Never-Ending Dance Party – a set of dance songs from the old and new school, with a lot of booty shaking nostalgia. This is all about getting down on the floor and sweating, with some slow jams for catching your breath.
  • 2012 Party Down: Just Dance – Or perhaps you’d prefer to listen to the tracks of the past year that we built for the dance floor.

Keeping on the 2012 music theme

But, maybe a more mellow or less 2012 centric set of songs is what you are feeling tonight, well then here is a range of mixes from the year(s) past for you listening pleasure,

Or, you could get really crafty and just copy and paste some songs or playlists into one of your own and just hit shuffle.

However, you decide to pass the evening away, I hope that each and every one of you who read and listen to what I write about, have a wonderful and safe NYE celebration surrounded by family, friends, and/or loved ones.

… and many wonderful wishes for the year to come!

See you on the A-Side of 2013!


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