Dancin’ Til Doomsday: An Energetic Dance Mix for the Mayan Apocalypse

…put on your red shoes and dance. – David Bowie

Boogie n (1929) 1: Boogie-Woogie 2: earthy and strongly rhythmic rock music conductive to dancing; also: a period or occasion for dancing to this music . (from Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Ed., 1995.)

Some days back a friend texted me asking me what would be my playlist for the impending end of the world. For one prone to making lists and specifically music related ones, the idea intrigued me.

At first blush, I considered a collection of my favorite tracks. But, as I thought on this more, a couple of things struck me.

One, this mix would likely be filled with an overwhelming number of songs of a more contemplative, serene, or whimsical nature that tend to engender grand themes and questions (and/or bittersweet reflections on love and longing; just being honest). If the end is nigh as the Mayans predicted, do I really want to spend the last couple of corporeal hours engaged in thought? In my thirty-five years on this planet, I’ve done more than my fair share of contemplation; to quote a college professor after I made a sincere, yet, in retrospect, rather bombastic statement, “You are very serious young man.” Who needs to be serious when fire and brimstone are on their way?

Two, what is really the best way to go out with a bang (and not the whimper of my initial inclinations)?

Answer: Dancing

Music is many things to many people but perhaps at its most basic core it a series of waves in the air that excite and stimulate people to respond and react in some physical way. (Animals, plants, and probably all sentient organisms too (except for some hipsters and the four zombies in front of me at Of Monsters and Men on Sunday) but they aren’t reading this blog… or are they?) So, if I had to celebrate and fully embrace these final hours, I’d spend it sweating it out to some of my favorite dance tracks. Coincidentally, it gave me the opportunity to put together a mix I’d been toying with mentally for some time. For your listening and grooving pleasures click on the link below to listen to:

Ride the Boogie: The Never-Ending Dance Party

A couple of additional notes about the above playlist:

  • Structural
    • As the title intends to indicate, this is a work in progress, or a sort of dynamic playlist, which means that I’ll be adding additional tracks that I forgot or friends and readers suggest.
    • With only a short window of time and one mind, it’s challenging to remember every song to which you ever loved jamming and grooving on the dance floor.
    • If you want to suggest or add songs you can do one of two things: (a) suggest artist and song in the comments section or (b) create an “addendum” playlist and share it with me via Spotify.
    • And/or feel free to copy and paste the songs into your own playlist and edit, organize, and add at your leisure.
    • (Playback Note:  I suggest selecting the “crossfade tracks” option at about 2.5 seconds; click on “Edit” menu and select the “Preferences” option, scroll down to playback and click; this is also where you can make your listening history invisible.)
  • The actual songs…
    • These are the dance songs that resonate with me from the various stages of my life.
    • (I like to jam to plenty of non “dance” songs including some folk rock, jam bands, jangle rock, baroque/dream indie rock, and punk but they don’t have the same feel and flow as what I’ve so far selected; though some cracked through.)
    • They span the historical range from the 60s to the present but are probably biased towards the 80s, 90s and more recent years. Some choices are sort of tongue-in-cheek in that they aren’t “great songs” but they certainly evoke a time and an ethos.
  • But most important

Don’t Think (about these songs) just feel the beat and Ride the Boogie

See you in the post (Mayan) apocalyptic times,



…everybody cut a footlose

p.s. the upside of all this craziness is that now i know how to spell “apocalypse” without consulting the dictionary.

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