on the 3s and 5s… It Gets Better With Time (a bday mix)

Every year I try to make at least two playlists to share with friends; one at the end of year of the songs that I liked the “most” in the previous year and one on my birthday that sort of “sums up” the previous year. The former is still to come. The latter I never made because I was otherwise engaged and didn’t celebrate my birthday with friends. Tonight that situation is being remedied as folks have conspired to get me to celebrate another year of aging. Okay, so conspired is a bit over the top, but it was in pseudo secret. Therefore, a playlist must be made. Or, a playlist has been made, see below.

On the 3s and 5s, It Gets Better With Time (a bday mix)

bday mix

In keeping with my age the list is thirty five songs in length and covers a range of different aspects of the past year and/or things I found myself listening to and revisiting with great regularity.

A quick summary…

  • Things I’ve learned, relearned or appreciated
    • Bobby Womack’s “The Bravest Man in the Universe” (learning to forgive),
    • Cloud Nothings’ “Stay Useless” (learning to be at peace),
    • The National’s “Conversation 16” (learning to accept the darkness),
    • CSN’s “Teach Your Children” (learning from the insights of your family and being open to both the perspective of young and old),
    • The Very Best’s “We OK” and George Harrison’s “What is Life”(learning to keep things in perspective and celebrate every day).
  • Artists I’ve revisited and rediscovered,
    • Men at Work (thanks to my nephew, Wesley),
    • Patti Smith (thanks to Will Hermes Love Goes To Buildings on Fire),
    • Alkaline Trio and Bad Religion (thanks to Riot Fest, my friend Matt and nostalgia), and
    • Musical Youth’s “Pass the Dutchie” (thanks to my friends Gaby and Tim) .
  • Artists who made in imprint in my conscience (i.e., playing them a lot)
    • Kelly Hogan (this track is oldie but great one),
    • Andrew Bird (he too gets better with time),
    • Father John Misty (a revelation), and
    • The Beastie Boys (memories and remembrance)
  • Soundtrack to curious and exciting adventures
    • Wyclef Jean’s “Gone Till November” (trip back home)
    • Pearl Jam’s “Glorified G” (conversations with unrepentant gun enthusiast)
    • The Band’s “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” (speaks for itself I think)
    • Grateful Dead’s “Ripple” (see life generally).
  • Things I’m constantly reminded of…
    • the value of letting go (the Shins’ “Gone For Good“) and the value of “getting down” (Saint Etienne’s “I’ve Got Your Music” and Bomba Estereo’s “El Alma y El Cuerpo“),
    • the need for mirth and mayhem in your life (Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Bring on the Dancing Horses”, Father John Misty’s “Tee Pee 1-12”, Pavement’s “Shady Lane”),
    • remembering the value of the past and lessons learned (Rainer Maria’s “Rise”, Japandroids “Continuous Thunder”, Bad Religion’s “You Don’t Belong”),
    • the importance of friendship and communicating your appreciation and gratitude (New Order’s “Regret” and Megafaun’s “Hope You Know”),
    • never giving up (David Byrne & St. Vincent’s “Optimist” and The Go! Team’s “We Just won’t be Defeated”),
    • writing new chapters in one’s life (R.E.M.’s “Leave” and Springsteen’s “Born to Run”),
    • the comforts of “Home” (LCD Soundsystem).

Thanks and Enjoy, a.a.

One thought on “on the 3s and 5s… It Gets Better With Time (a bday mix)

  1. I really enjoyed this playlist! Also love that picture of you. Sorry I missed out on the Friday celebrations, I already had a ticket for Long Days Journey into Night and was pretty drained by the end of it.

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