Riding Music: A Mix for Urban Cyclists

Another playlist?  Yes, but I’m cheating here because this is one from my past that I’m finally adding to the growing selection of moods, themes, and general life activities list.

The following mix, Riding Music for Urban Cyclists, is composed and inspired by the songs that accompany my daily bike rides around the City of Big Shoulders, along the windy lake front, the crowded Loop Streets, the abandoned industrial corridors, the bustling (Fulton) Market streets, and late night rides through empty alley ways and boulevards with the pristine Chicago skyline and it’s towering steel giants.  It is a collection of almost entirely (always an exception or two) high-energy and up-tempo songs to help the feet pedal against the nasty headwinds and chilly fall/winter nights, and, generally, each song has a/the pop song crescendo/epiphany lodged somewhere inside, perfect for singing at the top of one’s voice for causal passer byes to hear and wonder, “Is that boy crazy?” (and/or “I think he’s slightly off key”).

One need not listen only while biking (which I know is slightly risky but i’m easily distracted and the music helps me focus), but could be a welcome addition for runs of 2 hours or less (the mix’s duration).

Also, you’ll notice that the songs are from a couple of year’s past (so it’s a mirror into my past interests) and contains a number of “guilty pleasures” — aka songs you are slightly ashamed to enjoy but serve a unique purpose (in this case it gets the blood pumping).  Please forgive these “transgressions” or think but this and all is mended, that you have pleasantly listened to two hours of music without needing to change or touch the “dial”.

Safe Trails and Travels!

…and always wear a helmet, there is nothing cool about getting a head or brain injury because you don’t want to look unhip.  


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