I Dream of Autumn: Lord Huron, Bat For Lashes and Dum Dum Girls

As the astrological clock turns from summer solstice to the autumnal equinox, the days get shorter, the nights get colder and we move from the outdoors back into the recesses of our homes, hunched around fire, radiator or ensconced in blankets.  One can’t be faulted in these situations with starting to drift off into the land of slumber and the realm of Morpheus, King of Dreams.  In keeping with a more peaceful and tranquil frame of mind, here are some songs from forthcoming albums that evoke different elements and ideas of dreaminess from the dream pop of the Dum Dum Girls, the hypnotic trance downtempo of Bat For Lashes, and the memory and vision of another time and place courtesy of Lord Huron…. enjoy and (day)dream away. a.a.

Lord Huron

Time to Run”  — Unabashed admission:  I’m obsessed with this song right now.  What is this Folk Electronica?   Who knows?  Whatever, one calls it, it is pure joy and ecstasy, the sound of pleasant yesterdays and promising tomorrows.  This I think is the campfire song my friend was yearning for the other day.  but this track is wondrous combo of past and present.  A percussion and rhythm section that feels like a mellow hootenanny with  shades of the gypsy character of Van Morrison and Rusted Root, the percussion of Springsteen with the orchestration of Arcade Fire, and a little roots rock a la Edward and the Magnetic Zeros and Mumford and Sons.  Sort of celebration of life filled with all the concomitant mirth and mayhem.  Now I feel like diving into a river on a rope swing… anyone else feel that way.

Ends of the Earth” – This is definitely the dreamer track.  Sound to me like a lonely desert cowboy (see image to right) singing and questioning the night sky on some endless journey…

Bat For Lashes

Another English songstress with an arresting, soul stirring, heart stopping voice.  Seriously, what do they have in the water over there?  Three tracks from Natasha Khan’s upcoming release The Haunted Man.  Each is a different shade of mellow and introspective with the perfect balance of restraint and tension, along with gorgeous backing production.  If you like what you here, follow 70dayweekend as it turned me on and into her music.

Click below to hear “Laura”, “Marilyn”, and “All Your Gold” or listen to Bat For Lashes Playlist via You Tube. (Apologies for the YouTube commercials.)

Like what your hear? Pre-order here.

Dum Dum Girls

Southern California’s Dum Dum Girls produce dreamy pop songs with a decided retro 60s surf-rock feel.  Imagine the early Bangles records with more lush orchestration and filtered through consistent stream of layered guitars.   It’s fitting that their new EP is entitled End of Daze when daze might be one of the best ways of describing the effect of their songs.   I’ve been intrigued by the DDG for some time (and still loving ex-DDG drummer Frankie Rose‘s 2012 solo offering, Interstellar) but this release is definitely the most intriguing.

Note: the similarity to late 80s Cure and Raveonettes on the final track that would be Rimbaud proud, “Season in Hell”.

Stream the entire End of Daze EP via Stereogum here.

Or, if you want to hear my favorite tracks then listen below.

Lord Knows“– a slow winding track that is sure to stir you into a pleasant daydream

Season In Hell” — no words, just brilliant

….and if you want more dream pop go back to this post on Perfume Genius, Frankie Rose and Memory House.

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