Sylvan Reverie: Sera Cahoone’s Deer Creek Canyon

On this gorgeous autumnal Sunday morning with the sun streaming through the window and thoughts of apple picking, pumpkin patches (and pies), and mulled wine on the mind and with anticipation for the fiery patchwork hues in the arboreal surroundings to come, I find myself relishing (and spiritually rejuvenating) in the sounds of Sera Cahoone‘s Deer Creek Canyon, a record not yet released but streaming for the week on NPR’s First Listen.  Without too much editorializing, I offer it as the perfect accompaniment for your tranquil morning or evening activities, whether over a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper or the latest “paperback” page turner (whether in tangible or cyber form) or simply relaxing with your loved ones or alone.  Sara’s voice and music is like a warm blanket to envelope you in a warm and amber colored hug.

For a preview of the title track see below or… if you are willing to take my word, listen to the entire album here(Courtesy of NPR)

For fans of Aimee Mann, Alison Krauss, Tift Merrit, Natalie Merchant, and Gillian Welch (to name a few).

If you like what you hear, go pre-order the record courtesy of Sub Pop here.

Sean Rowe Alert!

Also, for those who read my post on Sean Rowe, the album is now available on Spotify: Sean Rowe – The Salesman and the Shark (click that) or go to the right under “In Heavy Rotation” to see what else I’m “gushing” over.  In case you can’t tell, I’m slightly obsessed with this record and hoping he tours Chicago.

Happy (Belated) Autumnal Equinox,


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