The Tallest Man On Earth’s “Revelation Blues”

…but sometimes it’s just roses dying too young

From the moment I heard this track by Sweden’s Tallest Man On Earth, I fell utterly (and without reservation) in love with this track.  The bittersweet mix of the optimism in the music matched against the despondent and dour narrative of the lyrics; the sort of inevitable fight against reality of “the end” — not of the Jim Morrison ilk but of the amorous nature .

But, why post the video for the song?  Well, there are some context clues based on the location, which I was able to gather on the opening shot.  If you can’t tell there is a pretty good “clue” at the end.  So the easy question is what city was this filmed in?  The more challenging questions, though, are what streets and neighborhoods does he wanders through?  And, bonus points if you can guess the general location of the final shot;  you are a geography all-star.

Otherwise, just enjoy the beauty of sight and sound:

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