Hypnotic Downtempo from Chad Valley, Jessie Ware and Elite Gymnastics

I know it’s Monday and for many of you the start of the week is filled with a little remorse and exhaustion. Perhaps you’ve still got a little of the Sandman’s dust in your eyes and/or you would rather return to the comforts of idleness. Well, for those in search of a little aural escape, here are three tracks of blissed-out downtempo rhythm & blues to help lull and soothe you into the week.

Chad Valley “Fall 4 U”

If you miss the sultry sounds of Tears for Fears or Wham, then check out this track by Chad Valley. He brings back the sensuous synth-dance of 80s era night clubs. Listen now then come back in the evening with the lights turned down low for a mellow evening.

Jessie Ware “Sweet Talk” and “Wildest Moments”

If you haven’t heard her music or name yet, then you need to tune in to the above. This English chanteuse dials up a gorgeous revision to blue-eyed R&B Pop on this track. In keeping with the 80s analogies, Jessie calls to mind the soothing soul of Whitney Houston mixed with Eurythmics-era Annie Lennox.  Also, be on the look out this fall and winter for her voice pouring through the speakers at your local dancehalls.

Ed. note.  Okay, I’m adding one more track (after posting) from Jessie because this is the one I fell for initially.   Its stunning simplicity and pointed message just floor me: “Baby in our wildest moments, we can be the greatest, Baby in our wildest moments, we can be the worst of all”.  How true and apropos this statement is in oh so many ways.

Elite Gymnastics “Andreja 4-Ever”

For the perfect closing groove to finish this short Monday Medley,  join Elite Gymnastics’ on the dreamy “Andreja 4-Ever” for the Adult Swim Singles program.

Download the track for free here. (You really can’t argue with that.)

The opening brings to mind the Belle and Sebastian off-shoot Looper or the soul-laden “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth” by the Primitive Radio Gods. For whatever reason this breezy combination of sounds inspire thoughts of the past, the music of memory. Let the track take you out peacefully into that good night with its sleep-inducing tidal wave rhythm and samples seeping through the mix.  (Check out Elite Gymnastics opening for Grimes on her ongoing U.S. Tour.)

P.S. the Pussy Riot Legal Defense Fund:  Also, for those who have been following the ongoing arrest, trial, and sentencing of the Russian Punk Rock group Pussy Riot and wish to show their support and/or assist the band, you can contribute in various ways including at (a) freepussyriot.org., (b) the voice project, and/or (c) bjork’s website.

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