Sexual Healing Redux? Miguel’s “Adorn” and more…

A couple of weeks back I heard this track by Miguel (aka Miguel Jontel Pimentel) and from the outset all I could think to myself was wow this is like the greatest remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” mixed with a dash of early 80s Lionel Ritchie .

To some this might sound like a dis or a dig, suggesting that an artist’s work or sound is derivative, but in the age of mechanical reproduction where sampling, re-mixing, and mash-ups are de rigueur, the “anxiety of influence” is both inescapable and should be embraced. (Let’s just admit there are a lot of bands re-hashing the terrain previously traversed by Joy Division, New Order, and the Cure, just to name a few…) So when I say, this song totally reminds me of “x” band or “y” singer, it’s my way of saying, this is really dope. (And, in this case, it will likely inspire me to go home and dig out Let’s Get It On or I Want You and groove to the sweet sounds of Marvin Gaye.) Thank you, Miguel, I can’t wait until the full version of Kaleidoscope Dream drops.

West and East Coast peps check out Miguel’s upcoming shows here.  (Really, Miguel, Buffalo over Chicago? Are you a Bills fan? Or, have we fallen on hard times? I blame all those kids who don’t dance at shows.)

  • …speaking of bands that I use to know, Charli XCX has a new free mixtape (Heartbreaks and Earthquakes, download it here). I still maintain that she’s got an early Cure sound/influence. I’m partial to the “second” and “last” segments. (It consists of a four part movement with some amusing dialogue.)
  • … and on the subject of heartbreak, … Sheena Taylor Swift is a Punk?!?! I don’t know about that but (a) read this article (I told you the Scandinavians are taking over) and (b) I think this song, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together“, is clever, catchy, and cute. Plus, I think it’s like the perfect pop compliment/response to Gotye‘s “Somebody That I use to Know.” And… a sentiment some of us can relate to on occasion.

Happy Wednesday!


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