The Swedish Power Generation: Niki and the Dove’s “Somebody”

For those who do not love the 80s stop reading right here.  I think we are alone now.  Excellent.

If there were an Indie-Rock Olympics, I think Sweden would really be giving the United States and GBR a run for their money.  Niki and the Dove is yet another stellar band from Stockholm, Sweden, whose music has been slowly winning hearts and ears on this side of the Atlantic pond. (Memo to Fred and Carrie: I think it’s time to head overseas because Stockholm is the new Portland.  “The Dream of Portland(ia) is Alive in Stockholm”?  I’m sure Robyn will remix it.)  I’ll admit that someone sent me a link to their song “Tomorrow” some time back and for whatever reason, I didn’t instantly fall in love.  Now that I’m hearing their entire record (released August 7th), I am starting to really fall in love with this band.

Although “Tomorrow” was the album’s lead single, “Somebody” is the track that has gripped me from the opening beat.  Evoking early 80s Prince with the production elements of M83, this song feels like a lost track from a John Hughes movie soundtrack.  Can’t you just see Ally Sheedy all clad in some combination of black and overly large sweaters on the dance floor or in some dimly lit diner staring at some Emilio Estevez or Andrew McCarthy in longing?

Even if you weren’t a child of the 80s, this song still has all the perfect dance sensibilities for a mid-day dance party. So….

Shut the door.  Take of those shoes.  And start to move.  It’s good for the soul.  Trust me.

Listen here or below.


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