Independents Day x2: 2012 MidYear Recap of Songs

Hopefully, unlike most sequels this one isn’t a total letdown.  (I’d settle for a commendable effort and three stars.)

As promised, a (play)List of my favorite tracks of 2012 to date.  Without reiterating my general apprehension re list making, I will repeat that the tracks on this playlist aren’t necessarily the “best songs” of the year, but the ones that really struck a chord or inspired a mini dance party around the house. I am not offering any detailed discussion of the individual tracks because there are about 80 songs on the combined lists and, I think, y’all would rather listen than read.  The songs vary in tempo, tone, and style, from upbeat to mellow to groovy to aggressively  punk-y.  Accordingly, the songs are grouped not in order of preference but as if I was making you guys a very extended mixtape (in two parts); most of the songs (72) are on Spotify and there is an addendum mix on YouTube with songs “unavailable” on Spotify .

Who knows perhaps this mix will make a nice background listen for your Festivities on the Fourth (of July), a belated Canada Day celebration (July 1st), or an anticipatory observance of Bastille Day (July 14th)?  (If I’ve forgotten a major national holiday please excuse my ignorance and feel free to chide me.)

So Enjoy and Listen to the Half In the Books Mix(es) by clicking on the links below.

Half in the Books:  2012 Fav Songs (via Spotify)

Half in the Books: 2012 Fav Songs (addendum) (via YouTube)

For those residing in the States (or celebrating overseas), have a Happy (and safe) Fourth of July Celebration tomorrow.

I’ll return on Thursday with our regularly scheduled programming.


p.s.  Yes, there is a typo on the cover photo.  I was a little overzealous and quick in my photo-editing.

p.p.s.  If you enjoy the playlist(s) feel free to share with friends and please subscribe (as it lets me know that people are listening!).

And a very big thank you to the people who have shared, linked, and subscribed so far!

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