Trendy Tracks: Cat Power’s “Ruin”

Of all the upcoming 2012 releases, none has me more excited than knowing Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) is putting out a record of all new material.  Last we heard from Marshall, she was doing her second brilliant collection of covers, Jukebox.  I know a number of her fans prefer the stripped-down, confessional nature of her earlier records like Moon Pix, but I think her work has gotten better with time and The Greatest is for me the best record she has ever put together.  Well, perhaps until now?

Last week Matador posted a link to the first single from forthcoming Sun, to be released in September of this year, and it sounds unlike anything Cat Power has done before.  Leaving behind the sultry and slick sound of the Memphis Blues from The Greatest, Chan appears at least on “Ruin” to be venturing into a more worldly (read non: American based), lush, adventurous, and, even, dance-infused sound.   Perhaps this will alienate more of the early fans but I think it sounds exciting.  Watching artists reinvent themselves and explore new musical avenues of expression is awesome.

Listen to “Ruin” below or click here.

For more information about Sun or to order the record, visit Cat Power’s Matador page here.

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