Folk Revival Swedish Style: First Aid Kit’s “Emmylou”

“I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June, if you’ll be my Gram and my Johnny too. I’m not asking much of you, just sing little darlin’ sing to me” – First Aid Kit

Forgive me if I’m just totally gushing over this track, but this is just such a gorgeous mix of melody and sentiment that it bears sharing with everyone.  As those who read my posts know by now, I am unapologetic in my love for Americana and Folk and, especially, songs that pay homage to the past and this track does both! This is just a beautifully orchestrated, yet simple love song that evokes musically the very legends it literally references.  (In case, the names don’t ring a bell immediately, the sisters of First Aid Kit are referring to Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash and June Carter, each of which did a number of brilliant duets together.)  But more than anything what gets me is the song’s central metaphor:  equating the notion of building a relationship as the act of making art together (in this case a musical duet).

Check out the song and accompanying video below (or click here) which shows the sisters meandering through a Southwestern landscape accoutred in fitting 60s styled garbs.  And, try not to fall in love with this song…

In case you want a little more First Aid Kit, check out the full album, The Lion’s Roar, here.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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