Entrancing: Liars’ “No.1 Against the Rush”

Of late I’ve found myself mostly listening to albums from start to finish and a lot less individual tracks.  Perhaps its a by-product of my effort to “focus” and not give in to my inevitable music inspired ADD  – one track starts me thinking of another and before I know it I’m spinning down a long dark road of music that lands me in listening to Devo.  Could be worse?  Or, perhaps we’ve just had an avalanche of new records that have captured my attention?  (Hint: a lot of new albums to discuss forthcoming.)

Whatever the reason, I eventually get myself up for some fresh air and listen to “singles” again.  And, here is one that captured my ears.

Liar’s “No. 1 Against the Rush”

No question, Liars are one of the more creative and difficult to classify bands out there.  From their early days as part of the dance-punk movement to their noise and art rock phase, this trio of musicians always surprise and capture one’s attention.  The first single off their new album WIXIW is no exception.  I will admit that although I always check out their new releases, I’ve never been a huge fan.  But, this track totally has me hooked.  Combining the dark post-punk and proto-goth elements of Joy Division, the electronic rock-minimalism of Radiohead’s Kid A/Amnesiac era, and the downtempo feel of Aphex Twin, “No. 1 Against the Rush” is totally entrancing track that not only bears repeated listens but could easily loop ad infinitum and you w0uldn’t notice.   But the song’s power doesn’t lie in the instrumentation alone.  Angus Andrews’ vocals offers both a perfect match to the track’s dark tint and a brilliant counterpoint — listen to him channel his best Ian Curtis (see Joy Division reference above) imitation.

Oh and in case you are interested here is the official video for said song which follows the path of a serial killer who captures Angus as his last (?) victim.

NoteThe video isn’t graphic but definitely slightly disturbing.

p.s. In case you are wondering, I did listen to the whole record, too.  Good mood music but the album didn’t hook me, perhaps too slow given what i’m listening to these days.  Give it a spin.  But, not on a long drive…

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