Pump It Up: Detroit Electronic Music Fest and Japandroids

…a quick post here for some excellent trance inducing beats and adrenaline pounding rock to get you geared up for the weekend (a sort of follow up to yesterday’s dance infused post).

Detroit Electronic Music Festival (via NPR)

Check out NPR’s coverage of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival with Bob, Sam Yenigun and Morgan Tepper here.

Electronic music is not everyone’s cup of tea but perhaps owing to my Miami roots, I find myself grooving to a lot of the  beats emanating from DJ booths and dance halls.  There is a great mix of techno, house, downtempo and just straight up dance music.  Great music to play as you prep your mind for a relaxing weekend.

Love the Benoit and Sergio remix/cover of the Metronomy song and the closing track “Sunrise BCN”!!!

(NoteIf you want to listen to the music without the banter (but I adore the banter and think it’s informative), then simply add individual tracks to the playlist.)

This show and mix of songs gets me excited and thinking “Next year in Detroit!”

Japandroids Celebration Rock (stream here)

NPR is streaming the new record from this Vancouver Duo, one of the hardest rocking bands out there right now.  I adore their brand of full on anthemic punk rock.  I think I’ve listened to this stream at least four times in the last day (easy to do cause it’s just 35 minutes in total!) and it’s growing and growing on me.  A perfect  fist pumping way to wrap up the day before leaving the office, classroom, house, or wherever you might be spending the day.

Also, these guys are on tour and you HAVE to go see them — far and away one of my favorite live acts of the past decade.

enjoy the non-silence,


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