Memorial Day Playlist: Music to Grill and Chill To…

Happy Memorial Day to all!

On this day when we remember the sacrifices that our service men and women have made and continue to make on our behalf, we also take the time to commune with friends and family appreciating the start of summer over some food, drinks, and/or, if fortunate enough, around some water. In Chicago, we are experiencing some serious heat to the tune of 90 degrees, which is even warmer given the Prairie stillness when not by our Great Lake. So on a day like today when the weather is scorching but the sky is pristine, it’s not a bad idea to hook up the old stereo and listen to some relaxing tunes. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of picking albums, perhaps you might enjoy the playlist below, composed of songs that make me want to relax and smile.

Memorial Day 2012: Grilling and Chilling Music.

(N.B. You will notice that there is a good mix of contemporary mixed with some old and more recent classics.  I try my best to vary it up.)

Be back with our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


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