Monday Medley: Songs for Summer and Slumber

Welcome to the working week…

To help get you through the day, a medley of new songs blending a pinch of pizzazz and a dash of detachment. The mix splits in two, aimed to rouse you from your morning slumber(s) and guide you back into a peaceful state.  Hopefully, along the way, you’ll also find a song or two, to add to your summer rotation.

Listen here to the MirthfulMay(hem) Mix (via YouTube), which includes the following:

Up-Beat Happenings

  • Icona Pop‘s “I Love It” – An electro-pop dance song from a Swedish female duo that might be 2012’s summer smash. Reminds me a great deal of The Sounds – another electro-pop Swedish outfit. #infectious
  • R.Kelly‘ “Share My Love” – Look, R.Kelly might have some questionable taste in certain aspects of his personal life. But, there is no question that he has a unique and eccentric creative spirit, e.g. Trapped in the Closet. With this song, R. brings his textbook smooth, soulful voice back to the disco era. I wouldn’t fault you if you thought you were listening to Barry White or Tom Jones. #populate – this will make sense later.
  • Andrew Bird‘s “Orpheo Looks Back” – Another track from A.Bird’s Break It Yourself (which I previously discussed and lauded). Here, Andrew turns the clock back and brings us an old-timey hoe-down folk song. #simplysmileinducing
  • Santigold’s “The Keepers” #banger
  • Best Coast‘s “The Only Place” – An ode to the band’s love of their home city/state of Los Angeles/California.  FYI, really digging the new Jon Brion produced record of the same name. #sunsoakedbearhugs
  • Patti Smith‘s “April Fool” – The first single from Patti Smith’s forthcoming album sounds like a time-capsule track – a song from yesteryears that still resonates today with the same immediacy as it did so many years ago. If this appeared as a bonus track on a reissued/remastered version of Horses, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. For fans of Television, Tom Verlaine plays guitar on this track; not surprising, Patti and Tom have a long history. #timeless
  • Norah Jones‘ “Say Goodbye” — The first single from Norah’s collaboration with Danger Mouse. I won’t belabor my previous post on how much I enjoy the combination of these two talented musical minds. #unlikelypairingyetperfect
  • fun.’s “Some Nights” – Kansas anyone? #anthemicmillenialmusic
  • Debo Band‘s “Asha Gedawo” – A Boston based band that draws inspiration from 1960s Ethiopian pop music while adding a contemporary twist and update. If this song doesn’t get you wanting to dance in the summer sun, I don’t know if I’ll be able to help. Also, I think that horn section sounds decidedly ska. #startthedanceparty

The Pensive Turn

…starting here we slow down the tempo, reduce the vocals, and increase the electronic beats. Great background for the end of the day/weekend as the sun sets in the West or when you find yourself on empty city streets (one of my favorite pastimes). No words, just tracks.

  • Tomas Barfor’s “November Skies”
  • Airbird’s “Trust”
  • Stay+’s “Eyes”
  • d’Eon’s “Al-Qiyamah”

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