An Upbeat Monday Morning Medley

…if you are heading into work with bleary in your eyes or needing a little extra energy to rouse up from excessive sugar consumption, perhaps this mix will help rev your mental engine.  (Who needs coffee right?  Dear Kettle, ignore the Pot over here.)

Don’t worry the mix brings you back to earth with the newest single from my favorite Swedish dream pop duo jj and a new entrancing collaboration between One Little Plane (think Beth Orton), Four Tet and Colin Greenwood (of Radiohead).


p.s. more to follow later today, just a little music to get you going for now.


  1. Tanlines — “All of Me”
  2. Teen Daze — “Let’s Grove”
  3. Bear in Heaven — “Reflections of You”
  4. Charlie XCX — “I’ll Never Know”
  5. Korallreven — “Sa Sa Samoa”
  6. SBTRKT — “Surely”
  7. jj — “Beautiful Life”
  8. One Little Plane — “She Was Out In the Water”

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