Just Another Manic March Day

People need to stop kvetching about Global Warming and Climate Change. It’s perfectly normal to have 60 degree weather in the City of Big Shoulders in March. 

Unseasonable weather and sunshine aside, there is no dearth of new fantastic music tracks spreading through the interweb (aka as the internet and/or the information super-highway), Al Gore’s second greatest contribution to the intellectual discourse of our times. If you happen to find yourself yearning for a brief reverie while seated in front of your latter-day HAL or your iCyberStationery check out this selection of fabulous new songs:  March Madness Playlist. (Brief snippets of many of these songs are available on NPR’s SXSW preview podcast – a recommended listen – but if you’d prefer my favorites songs of the bunch along with others.)

A couple of quick observations on this collection of cool cuts:

  • The Nicki Minaj Effect – Is anyone having a bigger impact on the sound of hip-hop and pop music than the unique vocal patterns of Ms. Minaj? Check out from the U.K.’s Lady Leshurr’s “Lego” and from Japan the Trippple Nippples’ “LSD” (Is it me or do these ladies remind you of Shonen Knife?)
  • Now that Adele has captured our hearts and ears, check out the new English chanteuse that will seduce you, just call her Daughter. Be forewarned, this is not music for the weak-hearted. There are notes of Suzanne Vega smokiness in her voice.  Also, calling all Wilco fans, does this song remind you of anything?
  • Quiet Riot on Main Street? I adore songs that play with long build ups and/or the tension between soft lo-fi sounds and musical explosions. Lots of bands employ these techniques like Now, Now, No, Young Prisms, and Perfume Genius to name a few.  (P.S. Check out the Perfume Genius’ new album, I gushed about it here.  Also I’ll be gushing about Now, Now soon.  Their album is gift from indie-licious realm of the Twin Cities.)
  • Sade Redux – Rhye’s “Open” is all the intoxicating somber of Sade without the overly 80s production.
  • Dance, Dance Revolution – 80s synths are clearly back and quality dance music, be it “indie-dance”, insurgent Disco, electro-pop, or Caribbean steel drum, continues to pour from all over the country and world, just check out Teen Daze, Sauti Sol (this song makes me so happy), Andrew Bird’s “Danse Caribe”, the Black and Whites and Karallreven (note the Whitney Houston “shout out”).
  • Is Quiet Company the new Maritime? Well, they sure share a lot of their pop sensibilities.
  • Expanding musical horizons: As promised, I am working to increase the representation of hip-hop acts in my repertoire. Hope you enjoy the styling of Kendrick Lamar, iNDeed, and Rick Ross. Parental Discretion at times is highly advised.

One last song (or thought) before I go….

  • Upcoming Shows!!! I definitely owe everyone an update but quick reminder that Pitchfork 2012 tickets went on sale this past Friday. Get your three-day passes quick because they will sell out. If you can only go one day, I’d recommend Saturday with God Speed You Black Emperor, Cloud Nothings and Grimes to name a few can’t miss slate of act.
  • Concerts! Three months into 2012 and boy have a seen some amazing and talented musicians. Last time I mentioned the Head and the Heart, who are life-affirming and now I’ll applaud EMA (aka Erika M Anderson) who rocks a brand of prairie-punk rock. Think the Velvet Underground in their “Venus in Furs” mood with Patti Smith fronting the group and penning these poetically, surreal lyrics. EMA’s “California” eerily feels like it should be the soundtrack to the Laramie Project.
  • “I don’t want my kids stealing bread.”:  Guys, seriously, I think Fred and Carrie have a really good point about the future of our children.
  • The Muppets always make my day.
  • And yes, I’m a Bangles fan and in case I’ve ear-wormed the song into your head, here it is.
  • Left of the Tracks has a twitter account.  Follow me a.a.@leftoffthetrack if you like to get some amusing and perhaps caddy updates about music.  Or you can just follow by clicking the link to the right.

Party Up, Party Down. Good Day, Good Night.


P.S.  In case you are wondering who Neu! is

P.P.S. Oh and for the record here are is the track list. Feel free to copy and spread and please support the artists you like!

  • Now, Now’s “Pull” and “Prehistoric”
  • No’s “Stay With Me”
  • Kishi Bashi’s “Bright Whites”
  • Sauti Sol’s “Soma Kijana”
  • Teen Daze’s “Let’s Groove”
  • Daughter’s “Landfill
  • No’s “Stay With Me”
  • Quiet Company’s “You, Me & the Boatman”
  • Lady Leshurr’s “Lego”
  • Trippple Nipples’ “LSD”
  • Perfume Genius’ “Hood”
  • Mister Lies’ “I Walk”
  • Burial/Four Tet’s “Nova”
  • Bright Moments “Travelers”
  • Young Prisms’ “Floating In Blue”
  • iNdeed’s “Black Tears”
  • Kendrick Lamar’s “Cartoon & Cereal”
  • The Black and White’s “Years Up”
  • Rick Ross’ “Keys to the Crib”
  • Sore Losers’ “Letter to My Competition”
  • Lower Dens’ “Brains”
  • Bobby Womack’s “Please Forgive My Heart”
  • Korallreven’s “Sa Sa Samoa”
  • Rhye’s Open
  • Andrew Bird’s “Danse Caribe”

“…I like the Clash.”

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