Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror

…never has a pseudo-metal record so quickly ear-wormed its way into my consciousness.  The sound is unmistakably Sleigh Bells:  aggressive, distortion riddled rock songs with Alexis Krauss’ 60s throwback Shangri La’s vocal styling creating a Lynch- (or Kafka-)-esque counterpoint throughout.  Whereas the first record Treats felt a bit heavy on the guitar and thrash (and therefore “one note”), this record balances bangers with ballads and achieves a thrilling roller-coaster like effect.  So, in other words, imagine if you took Leader of the Pack and stuffed it through Back in Black then layered in the rhythm guitar styling of Ratatat circa Classics, then you’d have a rough aural equivalent of the new Sleigh Bells recordBut, throw out all the allusions and references and just listen to Reign of Terror.

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